Hot! Gallery MOYA Brand Donates ALL MOF x MB Gi Proceeds to the Mauli Ola Foundation 2015!

Mauli Ola Foundation (MOF) x MOYA Brand Gi -SOLD OUT!

MOYA Brand would like to thank everyone who supported the Mauli Ola Foundation x MOYA Brand Gi.  Mauli Ola Foundation was founded by a band of surfers who introduced surf as a natural treatment to those diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.  Mauli Ola Foundation has taken well over 1,300 CF patients surfing at nearly 100 Surf Experience Days.  With generous donations from corporate sponsorships and individuals, Mauli Ola Foundation has now expanded its reach to hospital visits in assisting individuals with  terminal illnesses.

MOYA Brand Donates all Proceeds of the MOF x MOYA Gi to the Mauli Ola Foundation:

MOYA Brand is proud to announce that all proceeds of the MOF x  MOYA Brand Gi have been donated to the Mauli Ola Foundation, in order to assist them in their mission of giving back to the community, assisting terminally ill children and adults & expanding their out reach to hospital drop in visits.  MOYA Brand would like to thank all the professional surfers and volunteers that have donated their time to assist in these Surf Experience Days and Hospital Visits.

MOYA Brand - Shoyoroll Gis -  IBJJF Approved Gis, Hawaii Gi, RVCA Gi

Be the change!


MOYA Brand – Be the change!

Back in 2013 our dear friend (and nephew of one of MOYA Brand Co- Founders) passed away at the age of 5, Meme as we affectionately called him, loved all things of Martial Arts, he was a true fighter and fought his illness to the very end, never one to complain, and always the one in the in the middle of the pack.  All Meme wanted to do in life was to be a fighter, little did he know he was fighting everyday.  Meme’s fight was different, it was a fight of life and death.  Even though he is no longer with us in the flesh, his fighting spirit has lit a fire in us all, a fire to be a positive change, to give back to the community and pay it forward.

This Collaboration was in memory of our friend Meme, who taught us here at MOYA Brand how to be patient and compassionate.  You’ll find most of these children who have some sort of medical condition just want to be one of the kids, to be accepted by their peers and treated the same despite their illness.

Meme forever has instilled the value to us all on giving back to those who cannot repay the favor, to those who fight everyday for their lives, to those who struggle just to get out of bed.

MOYA Brand would like to thank all of our friends and partners who made this all possible including, Kala Alexander, MOYA Brand Guam, Rise Fight Shop (Oregon), Honu BJJ (San Diego), SoNo BJJ (Las Vegas), Alliance Team Gacho (Texas), Bull Terrier (Japan), 858 Fight Shop, A – Team (CheckMat), Yakota Air Force Base, Ultimo Round (Chile), Evolve Martial Arts (Lucas Leite Association), MMAU Canada (Atos), Cobra Kai Las Vegas, Phenom BJJ, AZJJ, just to name a few. MOYA Brand, MOYA Brand


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