Hot! Gallery Isaac Doederlein, Rehan Muttalib and Saeed Dunkaev all make Podium @ BJJ PRO 2015!!

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Double Gold!!!

This past weekend, IBJJF hosted the BJJ PRO 2015 in Santa Cruz, California.  BJJ Pro offers cash prizes to Blue Belts through Black Belts, cash prizes vary upon division and Belt Rank.  Our Young Gun Squad hit the mats hard bringing home some hardware!  First up, Isaac Doederlein (Cobrinha Brown Belt) coming off a huge 2015 comp year winning Europeans, Pans, Brazilian Nationals and Abu Dhabi… talking about some impressive wins.  Isaac Doederlein cruised through his division with 3 matches and 3 Subs.  Isaac then took on the open division, with another 3 matches and 3 subs!  Isaac subbed all his opponents for the day, securing Double Gold and some cash!  Congrats man!

Next up, one of the fiercest, dedicated competitors that we ever had:  Rehan Muttalib (Cobrinha Purple Belt), Rehan was a perennial on the Comp Scene, until he could no longer delay the inevitable:  Medical School, yeah Med School.  Rehan had completed his undergrad at Dartmouth College (an elite Ivy League School, located in Hanover, New Hampshire) then headed over to University of Southern California (USC) in order to finish up some Med School pre requisites.  Rehan delayed his life goal of becoming a Doctor, in order to chase his dreams in Jiu Jitsu.  Rehan’s very first tournament as a freshman purple belt was the 2013 No Gi IBJJF Worlds where he came up short via a controversial ref decision taking home the silver…

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BJJ Pro 2015, Silver!

Fast forward 2 years:  2015 Rehan is back!  Rehan made his debut after 2 years out of the comp scene at the BJJ Pro 2015, scoring a silver.  Not a bad day at all after a 2 year layoff.  Cant wait to see him back full speed!  Congrats brother!

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Last but not least Saeed Dunkaev (Blue Belt Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy).  The 27 years old, from Chechnya has been training full time for a 1 year and a half.  Saeed is a constant competitor and podium placer recently winning:  Las Vegas open IBJJF 1st place, LA Open and Chicago Open.  Saeed had a solid showing at the BJJ Pro 2015 securing Gold in division with some slick jiu jitsu.   Keep an eye on this youngster…Big things ahead for Saeed!





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