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Big congrats to all the fam who competed at the 2015 Dallas Open!

MOYA Brand, Dallas Open, Shoyoroll Gis, Shoyoroll


Jeff Messina (Blackbelt BJJ Revolution Team) scored the top spot on the podium with a Gold and all subs, Jeff is a Blackbelt under legendary Carlson Gracie Blackbelt Professor Rodrigo Medeiros (Co founder of BJJ Revolution Team).  You can check out Jeff Messina’s Academy at in Katy Texas for some solid Carlson Gracie Lineage BJJ.

Congrats to Julia Vega from Elite MMA Baytown, Julian was able to secure a bronze in a super stacked division.  Julian is just starting out on his blackbelt journey and is always exciting to watch!

MOYA Brand, Shoyoroll Gis, Shoyoroll, RVCA

Checkmat BJJ, Lucas Leite BJJ, Shoyoroll Gis, MOYA Brand


Next up one of our weekly training partners and friend Gino Sablan.  Gino headed out to Dallas a week before the comp and completed the Checkmat Dallas Open Training Camp.  Hard work pays!  Congrats brother!

Shoyoroll Gis, MOYA Brand, Shoyoroll

Gold in No Gi / Bronze in Gi




Shoyoroll Gis, MOYA Brand, Shoyoroll

Silver No Gi / Bronze in Gi

Congrats to the Cordova brothers from Gracie Barra (Draculino).  The Cordova brothers Kevin (Brownbelt) and Andy (Purplebelt) are perennial competitors on the IBJJF Texas Comp Scene.  Congrats boys!!!

MOYA Brand, Shoyoroll Gis, Shoyoroll, RVCA


Congrats to the homie Saeed from Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy.  Saeed has been on a tear recently winning Vegas Open, Chicago Open and Santa Cruz Pro!  Keep an eye out on this youngster, hes only just begun!

Congrats to the Oranday brothers from Atos Nederland!  Both boys killed it!!

Thanks to the homie Mike Calimbas for the clean work!!

MOYA Brand, Shoyoroll Gis, Shoyoroll, RVCA

Stay Golden!

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