Hot! Gallery Alyssa Wilson and Bradley Chirino take Gold- UFC Expo

MOYA Brand Athletes Alyssa Wilson and Bradley Chirino- UFC Expo 2013

Much love to the wrecking crew Alyssa Wilson and Bradley Chirino (AOJ/MOYA Brand Comp team).  Both ALL STAR Young Guns and Kid Pan Champs did some solid work at the UFC Fan Expo 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Starting off with the lady of course, Alyssa Wilson:  Alyssa had 2 matches in gi and 2 matches no gi showing solid work, winning 3 out of the 4 matches via Point with one submission.  The newly minted Orange Belt is doing some solid work as she was recently promoted, and scoring a double gold.  Alyssa would like to thank her parents, training partners and her professors the Mendes Brothers for all their hard work and dedication, shoe would also like to thank all her sponsors, including MOYA Brand, Painted Demons, Doc Kessler, Acai Sambazon, Fit-NEX, VS, Grapplin X….Whoa thats a lot!

MOYA Brand - Shoyoroll 2013 - Shoyoroll

The Fam Always Reppin!

MOYA Brand Athlete/AOJ Comp Team Member Bradley Chirino is also fresh on the Orange Belt scene, and coming off a Pan Kids Gold.  At the UFC Fan Expo/Grapplers Quest Bradley moved up in weight and was coming off an injury during the gi portion of the tournament.  With his will and faith Bradley powered through, taking the gold in no gi. Congrats brother, very proud of you!  Bradley would like to thank: @MOYA Brand, @phonebooth, Professor’s GUI & RAFA @sambazoncafe @jhonnycastana, all of AOJ FAMILY and All the AOJ Coaches!

Bradley also had the opportunity to hang out with his long time Judo instructor and UFC Champion Ronda Rousey And her mother Sensei AnnMaria.



MOYA Brand are really proud of these 2 young athletes, watch them grow and compete cause these kids have an extremely bright future ahead of them!  Much love fam!


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