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Samurai Pro 2012!

This weekend was surely a busy one for many jiu jitsu competitors.  This past Sunday (Aug 12th), was The Samurai Pro 2012, hosted by Lucas Pires, a Fabricio Werdum black belt.  The Samurai Pro 2012 was held at Cal State Dominguez and is the second tournament to be held by Lucas Pires.  For those not familiar with the Samurai Pro 2012, the Samurai Pro 2012 has cash prizes for winners in all adult categories (white through black and not including children).

Samurai Pro 2012 Kid Athletes:

Starting off with the kids division where Alyssa Mia Wilson (AOJ/Mendes Brothers) had one match winning via Submission and scooping up the Gold. Alyssa put on a great performance and as always such a true sportsmen, great job ladies!.  Check the video! (Sign in on the far right for discount codes and product pre views before launch, be the first to preview new products before anyone else!! ————————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)

There was approx 25 to 30 kids competing in the kids divisions, some kids moved up in weight just to have a an extra match and get some mat time in.  That is where we would like to give a big shout to Bradley Chirino (AOJ/ Mendes Bros), Bradley did not have many matches and he was asked if he would like to move up in weight against a heavier, older, bigger kid….With the blessing of Mr and Mrs Chirino, Bradley stepped on the mat with this kid who was obviously taller and bigger than Bradley.  I think this sequence of photos best tells the story:

Moya Brand - Samurai Pro 2012

Samurai Pro 2012

Moya Brand - Samurai Pro 2012

Such an awesome display of Judo, Bradley’ Jiu Jitsu is just as technical!  Technique and Leverage!

Keep an eye on this kids: Miah from Selva BJJ, this kid is an absolute beast on the mat and with his studies (4.0 GPA), much love to all the kid athletes competing at the Samurai Pro 2012!

All winnners!

Samurai Pro 2012 Adults!

The adult division showed a great showing from ATOS Jiu Jitsu with Moya Brand Guam Athlete John Meno (Moya Brand Guam is a division of Moya Brand that supports and sponsors Guam athletes)  and his team mate Michael Liera closing out the division.  For those of you that have not heard the name, John Meno is a Guam native and recently made his move to follow his dream of becoming one of the best jiu jitsu practitioners.  And to be the best you need to beat the best.  John left his home and life in Guam to follow his heart and test his skill in the So Cal Jiu Jitsu scene!  Much love and respect Chelu!  John Meno is a purple belt under BJJ Legend Andre Galvao.

Moya Brand Guam, Moya Brand, Samurai Pro 2012

Moya Brand GU-671

John Meno team mate and So Cal native Rolando Samson also made his presence felt at the Samurai Pro 2012, Rolando has just ventured into the adult division, at only 17 years of age he is already making a name for himself in the Adult World Of Jiu Jitsu.  Rolando had 3 tough matches, beating a highly touted Bay Area Practitioner, then disposing of 2012 Blue Belt World Champion Kyler Phillips from Carlson Gracie Temecula.  With very little rest in between matches, Rolando dug deep on his final match of the day.  With less than a minute left Rolando was down on points and showing some signs of fatigue.  With encouragement from his father, Rolando Shot for a single leg, turning it into a double leg from one end of the mat to the other Rolando drove and drove till he finally secured a thudding take down, securing the Back to Back Gold!

Rolando Samson- Moya Brand- Samurai Pro 2012

2011 and 2012 Samurai Pro 2012 Gold Medalist! You knowww!

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Thats a rap for the 2012 Samurai Pro 2012!



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