Hot! Gallery Rolando Samson (ATOS – MOYA Brand) wins the ADCC Ticket!

Rolando Samson (ATOS – MOYA Brand) wins the ADCC Ticket!

Still fresh on the Adult Competition Scene, BJJ Blue Belt Rolando Samson (ATOS – MOYA Brand) has BIG Plans for 2013. Coming off a stellar 2012 Comp Year, Rolando Samson made some big noise winning some of the BIGGEST Tournaments that Jiu Jitsu has to offer.  Rolando Samson finished off the 2012 year winning No Gi Blue Belt Worlds, Samurai Pro 2012 (Gi) and IBJJF Nationals 2012 (Gi) and IBJJF Fall Open 2012.

Rolando Samson

2013 ADCC – San Diego

Rolando Samson – ADCC 2013 – San Diego, CA:

Third round of the Blue Belt Division- ADCC San Diego, CA – Rolando Samson faced a familiar opponent in Jeremy Jackson (Gracie Barra – Northridge, CA).  Rolando Samson had faced Jeremy in the last couple of tournaments (winning via Triangle on one occasion and 2 x via points), the first time Rolando Samson faced Jackson was when Rolando had just turned 16 years old, so these two have a history.  This time it was Jeremy Jackson’ day when he caught Rolando Samson in a foot lock securing the tap for the win.  Taking Samson out of ADCC Blue Feather Division.  Samson being the ultimate competitor was extremely disappointed in the loss and immediately went to the tape to study what had gone wrong, after reviewing the footage, Rolando felt happy in a sense from that loss because he had learned one of his faults and some times a fault, a wrong and a mistake are the best lessons one can ever learn.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Rolando Samson that evening, and you can tell he was disappointed, but mentioned he had learned a lot, and was thankful in some sense for the loss.  The last words from Rolando were short and to the point:  “Tomorrow will be different.”

Rolando Samson – ADCC Open Weight Blue Belt Division:

Tomorrow was certainly a different day for Rolando Samson where he entered the Open Weight Blue Belt Division (183 lbs and lower).  Rolando knew the Open would definitely test his skill set competing with larger and stronger opponents, then again Jiu Jitsu is about leverage and technique to beat the larger opponent and Samson did just that!  With a total of 3 matches, winning the first via arm bar, and the subsequent matches via points.  In the finals, Rolando Samson and his team mate Angelo Barden closed out the division, where the 2 agreed Rolando would take the Gold and the Ticket Abu Dhabi (Barden will be competing in ADCC in Texas, and you know he will be looking to win that ticket!).

Big congrats to our boy Rolando Samson for showing that maturity, learning from a difficult loss and bouncing back and taking what belonged to him:  We going to Abu Dhabi !!!!

Rolando Samson - MOYA Brand - ATOS BJJ

Going to Abu Dhabi!

A few words with the ADCC Champ: Rolando Samson!

Q: How old where you when you started training?

A:I started training at 9 years old, my first instructor was Alex Brandao, a 3rd degree black belt.  At the time I also was doing football and basketball. But at 13 years old I was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter, which is caused by repetitive stress or tension on a part of the growth area of the upper tibia. This most commonly affects active young people, particularly boys between the ages of 10 and 15, who play games or sports that include frequent running and jumping. People with this disease experience pain just below the knee joint that usually worsens with activity and is relieved by rest. Because of the aches and pains in my knees, I stopped training for 2 years. I again started training when I was 15. With the help of my dad, I went through different exercises to rehabilitate my knee so I can train again. Now I’m 18, I have been training for 5.5 years.

Q: How has your game changed since moving over to ATOS?

A: Switching to ATOS changed my overall view on training and competing. Professor Andre Galvao really focuses on drilling and specific training. Professor also helps with plentiful tips for dieting, taping, injuries, and tournament & training mindset. Training here at ATOS has surpassed my expectations. What really makes me love it here is the support from my teammates/brothers, the families, and friends. I feel like I’m part of something BIG!! With all the extra pushes and screams in the crowd, it really helps!

Q: Do you attend college and what are you long term goals?

I attend Southwestern Community College. This is my first year here. I am a full-time student, taking 4 classes worth 12 units. My goal is to spend 2 years at this school and transfer out and graduate at San Diego State University.

I want to major in Kinesiology and become a Physical Therapist focusing on sport injuries.

Q: What does your training schedule look like?

A: I try to train everyday depending my school schedule and responsibilities at home. I have school Mon-Thu. Tue & Thu I’m at the academy from 12pm-8pm. Mon-Wed-Fri I do physical conditioning with Freddy Arcaina and go to bjj at night. Sat. I drill with my dad and condition with Coach Freddy. Sun. I rest and spend the day with my family. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am right now. They play a HUGE part in my life. They are my push!!

Q: What do you think about BJJ in the USA, specifically US Athletes?

A: I think BJJ in the USA is growing and expanding. Man, the USA BJJ athletes are TOUGH! There are so many talented athletes out there…

Q: Where does your work ethic come from?

A: My work ethic comes from my mom and dad. I look up to them so much. Ever since I was young I noticed how hard they work to keep me and my sister in a good school and a good neighborhood. I love them so much and I wouldn’t be the young man I am without them. They support me so much in competing and in school. They push me to be the best I can be and tell me to believe in myself. They are the reason why I work so hard. I know I have succeeded when I can support them when they retire.

Q: Whats your relationship like with your family?

A: I have one sibling, she attends high school. Her name is Patricia.  My relationship with my parents and my sister is like no other. We are so tight, we do so much together. I love my family, I cant say it enough. We tell each other everything, it’s like we are all best friends!!

Q: What does coming off a loss, then coming back and winning in the ADCC Open mean to you?

This past weekend, on Saturday I lost a match by getting tapped out via foot lock. It was upsetting, no doubt about it. After my match I took a breather away from everyone for a couple of minutes. Right after I looked at the footage of the match I lost and I reviewed and analyzed what I did. I think its a good thing if you look at the footage right away, it might suck looking at it, but you learn so much from a loss. You fix your mistakes and come back even stronger than before.  I’m glad I lost, kind of sounds weird but it honestly helped me. I’m glad I have room for improvement to get even better.

Winning the ticket to Abu Dhabi has definitely been a huge accomplishment in my life. I am going to be flying for the first time. Pretty nervous about that! But it is such an honor to be fighting the best of the best from all around the world. BUT, the best part is to be going with my team! I am so ecstatic. I had no words after I got the ticket. We did such a great job this weekend. Proud of my brothers!!

Q: Who else inspire you?

My girlfriend Kathleen.  She is so amazing. She is at every tournament, she comes with me to train, and she likes to ask questions about all these tournament rules and world champions. She is awesome.

I would like to thank Professor Andre Galvao for the knowledge he shares with us! Thank you Angelica for keeping him sane! haha

Thank you to my family, you guys support me and I cherish it so much. It is so great having most of my family in San Diego, we see each other as much as possible, and when we are together, it is the best time ever!

Thank you to my brothers/teammates/family:

– Mendes Brothers
– Brian Morizi
– Michael Liera Jr.
– John Meno
– Mike Carbullido
– Emmanuel Martinez
– Nisar Loynab
– Angelo Barden
– Aaron Eberhart
– Mathew Schantz
– Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner

– Zach Neminsky

Thank you so much MOYA!! You guys are AMAZING

Big Congrats to Rolando Samson – ADCC Blue Belt Open Champion – Going to Abu Dhabi!

Rolando Samson, Rolando Samson, Rolando Samson































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