Hot! Video Roberto Jimenez – Team Gacho/Alliance BJJ!

Big Congrats to our boy Roberto Jimenez, the 14 year old from Texas is no strangers when it comes to competing and testing himself against adults, last weekend Roberto competed at a local tournament in Houston called Grand Prix Grappling. He did 6 division, 6 golds.

– juvenile gi- 1 match
– juvenile- nogi advanced- 2 matches
– juvenile -advanced- sub only – 2 matches
– Adult advanced sub only- 2 matches
– adult blue belt division- 3 matches
– adult advanced no gi (combined weights)- 3 matches
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Roberto Jimenez 2015 (Photo Cred: Mike Calimbas)

Check out the clean finish below! (Mike Calimbas on the video credit)

 Roberto was recently inducted into the BFA Hall of Fame!   Keep an eye out on this youngster!

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  1. He beat a legit black belt that day! Beast!

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