Hot! Video Jordan Che Landry get his brown – Alyssa Mia Wilson grabs a Gold!

Jordan Che Landry get his brown – Alyssa Mia Wilson grabs a Gold!

MOYA Brand would like to give a big congrats to our boy Jiu Jitsu World Champion Jordan Che Landry.  Jordan has been putting in some good work and has been a terror on the Jiu Jitsu circuit. Jordan recently received his Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt the old fashion way by the man himself Cesar Gracie (Founder of Gracie Fighter).

Very few schools do it the old school way, but just in case your wondering check the video.

We would like to wish our Boy Jordan Che Landry safe travels as he recently returned to Brazil to train with GFT.

MOYA Brand - Gracie Fighter - Cesar Gracie - Alyssa Mia Wilson

Alyssa Mia Wilson Take Gold At Grappling X:

MOYA Brand would also like to congratulate our Young Gun Alyssa Mia Wilson for taking the gold at Grappling X last weekend.  Alyssa was particularly looking forward to this Grappling X tournament for her opportunity to get some payback.  Two weeks ago at the first ever IGC Tournament Alyssa lost a very close match (by points) against one tough opponent, Sara from Leon BJJ.  As Grappling X approached, Alyssa hoped that Sara would be participating in the Grappling X Tournament, as anticipated by most, Alyssa made it to the finals against Sara the girl that beat her the previous week.

The match was just as close, both Alyssa and Sara gave it their all, the regulation match ended 0-0 taking them to sudden death.  While in sudden death Alyssa Mia Wilson was able to lock in a triangle and scooped up that Gold!  Good job to both girls for getting out there and giving their all.

Alyssa Mia Wilson was unavailable for comment due to her hectic schedule and stated the following through her publicist:  Thank you to all my friends, family and training partners and the Mendes Brothers.  Thank you to the super bestest sponsors MOYA brand and Painted Demons!

Alyssa Mia Wilson - MOYA Brand - AOJ

Congrats to our young gun Alyssa Mia Wilson on getting that gold!

Alyssa Mia Wilson is super awesome!










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