Hot! Gallery IBJJF Pro League with Cash Prizes Scheduled for late 2012!

IBJJF Pro League with Cash Prizes Scheduled for late 2012!

A new Jiu Jitsu Tournament has just been announced in the last few days: IBJJF Pro League.  The IBJJF Pro League Event will take place at the Long Beach Pyramid on the Cal State Long Beach Campus in Long Beach, CA.  The event is the brain child of the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation, headed by Carlos Gracie Jr, who is also head of one of the largest Jiu Jitsu Associations in the world- Gracie Barra.

IBJJF Pro League finalizing all the details:

At the moment very few details have been announced.  What is known for certain is the IBJJF Pro League is set to debut December of 2012, featuring 3 male brackets and exclusive to Black Belts Only.  The cash payout is 15,000 USD, but it has not been clarified as to how the funds will be disbursed through the 3 brackets.  IBJJF Pro League Organizers state that more brackets can be added and there is a possibility of a women’s bracket in the future.

IBJJF Pro League - Moya Brand - "Bill The Grill Cooper"

IBJJF Pro League possibilities:

**There are some rumblings of the Pro League setting up a point system such as awarding points from various IBJJF Events, arbitrarily, example:

10 for Worlds Gold
7 for Pans Gold
7 for Brazilian Nationals Gold
5 for Euros Gold
3 for Regional Gold

**Stiffer stalling penalties.

**IBJJF Pro League participants cannot compete at “regular” IBJJF Hosted Tournaments. Pro BJJ and Amateur BJJ?

**Winners are tested for PEDS.

Those are just some of the examples of issues that are being thrown around and sorted out by IBJJF Top Officials.  There will be more info announced little by little.  Check back with us as we continue to be in contact with IBJJF and the New IBJJF Pro League, should be interesting!




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