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Andre Galvao, ATOS BJJ

Coach Fred Leavy – ATOS BJJ

For those of you who do not know Fred Leavy, he is the type of guy that would give you the shirt of his back.  Fred is an instructor at Atos HQ in San Diego and helped put together the ADCC Camp 2015 for World Champion Andre Galvao, shortly after Coach Fred went into the hospital with a fever that he had for about 3 days and severe hip pain which had been a persistent problem from a well over a month. While in the emergency room they took blood work, as well as X-rays, a CT scan and MRI. These tests confirmed a hairline fracture as well as fluid in the hip.

The results of the blood work found that Coach Fred was septic (when an infection reaches the bloodstream and causes inflammation throughout the body) and was near septic shock (when blood pressure drops significantly). This can lead to respiratory, heart, or organ failure and death. As a result of those findings they decided to do emergency surgery, where they had to clean out small bone fragments from the ball and socket of the right hip, and found MRSA in the socket and had to scrap all of that out. Coach Fred was then given a heavy dose of antibiotics to fight the infection.

He is now on the road to recovery and is about 3 weeks out from being discharged and able to return home. We would love to ask for all your help, whatever you can manage, to help Coach Fred with all of his medical expenses. Please let’s work together to spread the word and return all the gracious kindness and hard work Coach Fred has blessed Atos, and the grappling community throughout the past decade.

Any donation is appreciated and no donation is too small! Link below!

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